June 20, 2017
Let’s be honest: everyone wants to be rich!  Money is the key to happiness…or is it?  What happens when we have plenty of money, but suffer from poor health?  Can we really enjoy anything in life when we don’t feel well? I recently came across a… more »
June 6, 2017
The New York Times recently featured an article discussing the fact that today’s medical doctors are rethinking their biases against referring patients for chiropractic care for the relief of pain and certain physical conditions/ailments. In… more »
May 17, 2017
In less than two decades, the number of deaths in the U.S. caused by opioid drug abuse has increased four-fold, whether it be the result of addiction to heroin or black market prescription drugs.  Even at the height of the crack epidemic in the… more »
May 8, 2017
THE SOLUTION TO THE OPIOD EPIDEMIC    If you’ve watched or read the news recently, you’re aware that there is a rampant opioid epidemic in our country.   People are unwittingly and unintentionally becoming hooked on prescription painkiller… more »
May 1, 2017
You’re probably aware that chiropractors can help with backaches and neck pain, but you might not be aware that chiropractic care can also be used to treat a range of symptoms and problems.  People receive many surprising health benefits from… more »
February 7, 2017
Simple steps you can take to avoid crippling arthritis in your neck & low back As a chiropractor, there are many things to look for in a set of weight bearing spinal x-rays (chiropractors take their x-rays with the patient standing to see… more »
January 13, 2017
Forget the Flu Shot, Boost Immunity with Vitamin D Limited sunlight during the winter months, especially in the northern latitudes (such as South Dakota), means that a vitamin D supplement is key to maintaining health. Instead of relying on flu… more »
November 25, 2015
 We just had our first major snow and, while it's melting fairly well as you're receiving this, it sounds like some more snow is already coming in just a few days on Thanksgiving. I know a lot of you will be driving through this weather to get to… more »
October 20, 2015
It’s no secret that what you eat affects your health. But all too often, people fail to make the connection between a mediocre diet and mediocre health. Many chiropractors promote healthy eating and functional nutrition to maintain overall wellness.… more »
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