Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in Sioux Falls

Reinecke Chiropractic clinic of Sioux Falls offers a proprietary service to relieve muscle knots and tension. Massage therapy uses compression to work out muscle knots and increase circulation. Muscles feel better after a massage, but tension and muscle knots may soon return.

Our ARPtechs certified in ARPwave therapy use mild direct electrical current to loosen and lengthen knotted muscles. The use of direct current reduces inflammation and even breaks down intramuscular scar tissue. We are one of the few locations in Sioux Falls to offer ARPwave therapy. We are also the only location in Sioux Falls with certified ARP technicians.

By inducing mild electrical current to reduce the patient’s muscular tension the underlying cause of the knot, mainly inflammation and scarification, are addressed. In comparison, massage addresses muscular tension directly, working on the symptom rather than the cause.

With the conditions causing the muscle knot improved, ARPwave electrical therapy can extend the length of time one can go before needing another ‘massage’.